Microdot Max Safety Pen Needles

Microdot Max Safety Insulin Pen Needles – for health care professional use.

Microdot Max needles (30G/5mm) feature a transparent protective shield offering a better experience for needle-phobic patients. The coloured indicator within the device casing shows that the safety mechanism has indeed been activated, giving the user the confidence that they will not come into contact with the used needle on withdrawal.


Microdot Max Safety Insulin Pen Needle

  • Shield locks automatically after injection to prevent accidental needle stick injuries
  • Indicator to show use status
  • Covered needle tip for added safety
  • Minimum pressure required for activation
  • Triple bevelled cannula for ease of penetration
  • Thin walled steel cannula for optimum insulin delivery
  • Silicone coated (hypo allergenic) for maximum comfort

Meets EU Sharps Directive 2010/32/EU and Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013

Meets the requirements of ISO 13485

Information Leaflet and Instructions for Use



Microdot Max Safety Insulin Needles 5mm/30G - Product Information