Sweeping Blade Safety Lancets


Neonatal / Infant Heel Blades with sweeping blade design.

Used for:

  • Neonatal / Infant National blood spot testing (Heel Sampling)
  • Capillary earlobe blood gas testing for assessment of oxygen therapy
  • Home Oxygen Service Assesment and Review (HOSAR)
  • Long Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) Assesment

Microdot Neonatal and Infant Heel Blades - for Blood Collection

• Sweeping blade produces a gentle arc incision rather than a puncture. Less pain, bruising and quicker healing.
• Sterilised by EO
• Protective shield to avoid accidental triggering before use
• Single use. Blade retracts after use.

• Ergonomic design with press trigger
• Easy to hold with gloved hand
• Precise placement of puncture site with indicator and tapering design
• Trigger button on top of device means patient contact is maintained during operation

Microdot-Heel Blades Product Leaflet

Training Video