Blood Collection Sets

21 & 22G Safety Multi Sample Needle with or without pre-attached holder
21 & 23G Winged Blood Collection Set with 17cm Tubing + pre-attached holder
Luer Adaptor

Cost Effective – High Quality – Safety Focused – CE marked – Sterile – BD Compatible – Comprehensive Range


Multi Sample Needles

Safety engineered design to minimise needlestick injury. Single use, multi-sample, needles are optionally integrated with
the holder and do not need pre-assembly. Unique double-bevelled needle, smooth cutting edge and silicone lubrication
reduces frictional resistance and maximises venipuncture comfort for both medical personnel and patients. Thin-wall
needle ensures rapid blood collection. Silicone lubrication on the cannula inner surface reduces haemolysis thus
increasing the integrity of the blood specimen. Rubber sleeve on the non-patient needle has excellent performance, even
after multiple collections, thus maximising patient comfort and reducing workload.

Blood Collection Sets

IMPROVACUTER® Safety engineered blood collection sets are particularly suitable for infants, venous transfusion, and
patients with sub-optimal blood collection characteristics. Screwed blood collection sets can also be integrated with the
needle holder and (optionally) come pre-assembled. The inner surface of needles and soft tubing are lubricated and
smooth, which reduces variation in blood flow, and thus insures the integrity of the blood specimen. In addition, inner
channels have also been specially treated to prevent protein and platelet adhesion. Convenient and easy handling, and
ease of observation, is ensured by soft translucent tubing.