Dual Safety Pen Needles

Our new Dual safety insulin needle offers protection from the risk of needle stick injuries, Microdot Safety Insulin Needles are easy to use and a cost effective alternative to many other more expensive brands and are now in use by healthcare professionals in over 150 hospital trusts and health boards across the UK.

Our Microdot Dual safety insulin needle is one of the shortest safety needles on the market at a length of 4mm, which means this is a great choice for both adult and paediatric patients and offers double protection from needle stick injuries after use.

The needle tip being exposed prior to use allows visibility of the puncture site and gives confidence to the user that the insulin is being administered correctly. The gentle action of the safety mechanism also means that our Microdot Dual safety needles offer a better patient experience, as less pressure is required to activate it and reduces the risk of bruising.



Product Overview

Safety – Dual Protection

  • Shield locks automatically at injection end after use to prevent accidental needle stick injuries.
  • Shield also locks automatically at insulin pen end after use
  • Visible injection site offers confidence to user that insulin has been administered correctly


  • Visible needle tip for ease of operation during priming and injection
  • Little pressure required so reducing pain and bruising
  • Shorter needle (4mm) therefore ideal for both adult and paediatric patients

Universal Fit

  • Compatible with all major brands of insulin pen



Microdot Dual Safety Pen Needle