Microdot Safety Pen Needles

Our Microdot Safety Insulin Needle is widely used throughout the NHS, both in primary and secondary care settings. Offering protection from the risk of needle stick injuries, Microdot Safety Insulin Needles are easy to use and a cost effective alternative to many other more expensive brands and are now in use by healthcare professionals in over 100 hospital trusts and health boards across the UK.


Very thin walled steel
Silicone coated (hypoallergenic) for maximum comfort

Tri-bevelled tip for optimal perforation and easy penetration

Visible needle tip giving confidence of correct administration to users when delivering insulin.
Meets ISO 11608-2, ISO 9626
Less pressure required reducing injection pain and injection duration, also dramatically reducing the risk of insulin leakage

Compatible with major brands of insulin pens:
Novo Nordisk: InDuo® / Innolet® / NovoPen® / Novolet® / Innovo® / Flex Pen®
Eli Lilly: Humulin Pen® / Humalog Pen®
Sanofi Aventis: Lantus Solostar Pen® / OptiPen/OptiClik®
Owen Mumford: AutoPen®
Becton Dickinson: BD Pen®
B.Braun: Omnican Pen®
Berlin Chemie: BerliPen®
Haselmeier: DiaPen®

Information Leaflet and Instructions for Use



Microdot Safety Pen Needles 5mm/30G