Size 4mm Microdot Droplet Insulin Pen Needle Reviews

(By Giorgie, aged 13, Type I diabetes, 5 injections per day, Cambridgeshire, UK)

Having diabetes from a young age (4), I’ve tried many different types and sizes of needles such as Novo and BD. The size 4mm Microdot Droplet are probably the best ones I have used.

Quite recently, I’ve had to cease injecting myself in the stomach because bruising constantly formed. I now always inject in the thigh, and the Microdot Droplet don’t cause any pain there, but they also don’t bruise or cause any pain in the stomach, as they are short enough to inject the insulin, but don’t hit any blood cells.

I think Microdot Droplet needles are perfect for young children who are just starting injecting because of three reasons: they don’t have a big scary needle that would make the children not want to inject, they are an attractive colour that look inviting and they don’t cause much pain. Of course it would be a little painful for beginners, but they would be much less painful than a syringe or a larger needle.

I approve of the size 4mm Microdot Droplet needles, and would definitely like to start using them.

Giorgie, Age 13